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• It is aimed to establish a common education and training curriculum by exchanging information and experience with the instructors who provide training in occupational health and safety program within the framework of EU criteria and strengthen their professional competence. In this respect, it is envisaged that the professional competence of the instructors on the occupational health and safety is strengthened, the students are equipped with more qualified skills and knowledge, and as a result, this skill is transferred to the work force and the job accidents are reduced.

• Legal arrangements and legislation of partner countries concerning the project will be examined to identify, improve and strengthen the legal basis for the improvement and the conditions threatening the health and safety of workers in business life. It is intended to present the proposed policy proposals to the relevant ministries.

• Another goal of the project is to raise awareness about occupational health and safety issues, to prevent temporary asylum seekers and refugees from being exposed to difficult and life-threatening working conditions, to use them as cheap labor force.