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Needs Assessment Report for OHS Occupational Definitions

- The project will provide a needs assessment report and a current needs assessment report that reflects the current situation in order to identify the problems workers and employers are experiencing in practice..

- The needs analysis report to be prepared within the scope of the project is directed to the Occupational Health and Safety sector.

- To present the shortcomings identified in sectors and vocational training and legal legislation to the ministries as a policy proposal for the development of partner countries through implementation, curriculum and legislation.

An Applicable Curriculum on Occupational Health and Safety for Occupational Health and Safety Specialists

There is a curriculum that has been implemented in European standards for many years in the OHS sector. However, since Turkey began to attach importance to this issue in recent times, as the sector remains both professionally and legally insufficient. - It is inevitable to update our current curriculum to ensure that the EU is appropriate and innovative and that individuals can continue working in the fields of health and safety. Due to occupational accidents and diseases, legal regulations are not applied every year and thousands of employees are injured. There is a lack of supervision in institutions and employers who see this as an opportunity do not fulfill their obligations to the benefit of the workers in this situation. Now that unemployment reaches double households, employees can seek their rights without knowing their rights. In this project, it is aimed to complete the information gap by making recommendations in EU standards regarding occupational safety in the dimensions of state, worker and employer, which constitute the three main elements of business life.

E-Learning Environment / Platform for OHS

Turkey has the potential to Young, the ideal level of education via the internet (distance learning, e-learning) is important for the realization of a modern structure. Today, with intense technological changes, traditional education and training models should adapt to changing technology. A person at one end of the world can benefit from a person's experience on the other side. E-learning technology creates interaction between educators and students and also creates innovative alternatives such as seminars and discussion forums. Another advantage of e-learning is that it provides global learning opportunities by significantly reducing training costs. Click for E-Learning User Guide

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Mobile App for OHS

Nowadays, they are the first mobile devices that we get help on almost all subjects, especially internet usage, information acquisition, shopping and communication. The interest in mobile devices is increasing every day and even smartphones become an indispensable part of our lives. Mobile applications will allow easy access and allow people in a local area to share information and gain new visitors interested in the OSH area. The most important factor in the spread of mobile applications is that mobile applications make life easier. Furthermore, it can provide instant control in the OHS area with long distance communication solutions.